CAPULETTO RZ F1 (72-MP0032) product photo default L
CAPULETTO RZ F1 (72-MP0032) product photo default L
CAPULETTO RZ F1 (72-MP0032) product photo default L
CAPULETTO RZ F1 (72-MP0032) product photo default S
Ternetto type, 'normal' plant, long single / dubble clusters, blocky fruits, 10 gr. crunchy, average taste, good production
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Nom de la variété
Numéro d'introduction
72-MP0032 RZ F1
Resistances (HR)
ToBRFV/ToMV:0-2/Fol:0/Pf (ex Ff):A-E
Resistances (IR)
Easy to grow one-bite snack tomato with long shelf life

Capuletto is another addition to support our range of mini plum tomatoes with high resistance against ToBRFV. This variety offers a fast and easy to grow plant which allows for very efficient harvesting. The slightly smaller average fruit weight makes this variety perfect for a one-bite snack products. The deep red coloured fruit makes sure that it stands out on the shelf and the long shelf life makes this the perfect choice for retailers too.

- High resistance against ToBRFV
- High yield potential
- Deep red fruit
- Good shelf life
- No fruit splitting